Why February Is the Worst

Oh, February. How do you manage to be the shortest month on the calendar and yet the longest month of my homeschooling year? I want to accomplish things, I really do. But February is the worst.

You know what I mean. February is the funkiest month {not in a good way}. The weather sucks, everyone around you gets sick, and the hopefulness of spring barely glimmers.

I have heard it’s the time homeschoolers are most likely to want to give up, and I believe it. You are deep enough in that you want so badly to commit to finishing, yet “finishing” still remains far off and unattainable.

Close up of calendar with numbers in squares but no day or month visible. Text reads: Why February is the worst.

Once the February blahs hit, I develop a strong desire to outline the following school year. A fine idea—I love a good plan—but it distracts me from what we’re supposed to be doing this year. 

Oh, February. How do you manage to be the shortest month on the calendar and yet the longest month of my homeschooling year? Click To Tweet

Then, of course, my potential agenda starts looking so much cooler than my current agenda. I start to feel resentful of the fact that I need to complete what seemed like a good idea last summer. I would rather move on to what will obviously be a much better curriculum with clearly superior educational choices.

In sum, February makes me question everything. Not necessarily a bad thing: reflection can be good and anticipation is usually exciting. But, it can be overwhelming. Taking things one step at a time {and writing myself notes so I do not forget anything} helps. 

Right now I am going through everything we have done {and are presently doing} in each subject and figuring out approximately where we will be by the end of the school year. Once I finish that, I will move on to evaluating the good and bad for the year overall.

This is not as painful as it sounds. I actually like seeing what works and what doesn’t. I find it liberating to let go of ideas that simply were not useful.  And knowing we got at least some things right makes me optimistic for the days ahead.

What kind of relationship do you have with February? Do you also feel February is the worst month for motivation?

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    Samantha Smart

    I completely agree that February is by far the worst month of the year – the weather, the sickness, the gloom, and Spring that is so close yet so far away. The only reason I don’t moan and groan for the entire month is because I know March is coming and we will soon see the sunshine and warm weather again! Hang tough momma!

    1. Valerie

      The good news is February is now half over, LOL! It is a struggle to make it through sometimes, though. At least we are now closer to March and {hopefully} warmer spring weather and sunshine. ❤️

  2. Avatar

    As a public school elementary, I feel the same. At this point in the year the children are over having to stay in for recess due to it being too cold and excessive rains, the dreariness outside makes everyone cranky and I’m slugging through some of my most difficult content. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. Press on. It will be worth it in the end and if it really gets too awful, revise the schedule. My students can sense when I don’t like what I’m teaching and it typically affects their response to the topic too.

    1. Valerie

      We have been trying to come up with new, interesting things to do inside. It’s either too cold to go out, or if it is warm enough, it just rained for days and everything is a swamp. This time of year just makes everything seem so blah. My kids really miss being about to go outside every day. Even if it is just for an hour or less, it helps so much. ❤️

  3. Avatar

    I hate February too. I live in one of the cloudiest cities in the country, and it’s the dead of winter, you’ve been stuck indoors for months, and it will be another few months before it warms up again. The only thing I like about it is that The Oscars usually air in February.

    1. Valerie

      We are looking at yet another day inside here and I am just over it. We have all the blinds open and it is still depressingly dark inside the house. Ugh. Stupid February. 😂

  4. Avatar

    It is a good thing that February is short. We only have to endure 28 days (or 29).
    I think one of the other things that makes it hard on humans, is that we’ve been waiting for spring for months, by this point, and we know its just around the corner. I think our impatience for warmth and light and our fed upness with winter, make Feburary drag.

    1. Valerie

      I am feeling very impatient for spring today. It is very deceiving because when you look out the window it seems all nice and sunny but in reality it’s only 33 degrees F. Sigh.

  5. Avatar

    I don’t homeschool, but February seems like a long month for me also! We are currently in the middle of a week long vacation from school (february break), so I have to find ways to keep them busy on these snowy days. And you are right, my motivation seems to have dwindled a bit this month…but one step at a time like you said.

    1. Valerie

      This is why we don’t take long breaks in our homeschooling. We lose our minds with too much free time and not enough structure. We love our routines. ❤️

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    GiGi Eats

    I believe February is the worst month too but for different reasons than you. It’s just a BLAH month. Nothing special to it and… I actually don’t like SPRING at all and this month makes me feel like, welp, it’s going to be coming soon.

    1. Valerie

      Yeah, not a lot of excitement in February, unless you are super into Valentine’s day I guess. I like spring, but I prefer summer. Actually, I loved when we lived places that didn’t really have seasons {like FL and southern CA} but it is what it is now. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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