Travel plans always sound really great in my head when they are still six months out. 

That will be so much fun! Of course we can make it! Two suitcases for four people for six nights with room for souvenirs is totally enough space! We have to be at the airport at what time? No problem! 

Then a few days before—when it sets in that I now have to execute said plans—mini-panic arises. I gotta do what? Yikes.

Somehow with all my years of experience {with traveling, kids, life} I never seem to internalize the fact that thinking about doing things is always worse than actually doing them. 

I worry up until the exact moment commences, and then when I am in the middle of whatever I worried about I cannot believe I ever thought it would be an issue. 

Still, it is a cycle I am pretty comfortable with, so I am gonna do it again. 

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