Should I Use My Real Name On My Blog?

When I first decided to make my writing public nine years ago when I started my previous blog, I wasn’t very honest or open. I was trying so hard to be edgy and noticed that I sacrificed my true personality for what I imagined readers wanted. One big decision I had to make: Should I use my real name on my blog? Instead I created a fake version of what I thought a blogger in my genre should be, and while the likes and shares tumbled in for a moment, it fizzled quickly. 

Woman wearing light green sweater and jeans and no shoes with her feet propped up and a laptop resting on her legs. Text reads: Should I use my real name on my blog?

Spoiler alert: Denying your true self and trying to be something you are not never works.

So when I decided to give blogging another go, I wanted to be more forthright from the start. I wanted to be a real grown up writer who genuinely connected with followers this time.

Still, I hesitated: Should I use my real name on my blog this time? Would I regret not choosing a more obscure blog title, or at least a catchy pseudonym? What if I write something that provokes anger or confrontation and I receive a bunch of mean comments? Will people I know in real life actually read it and judge me for it? What if I attract a stalker? 

The truth is, though, I can never be completely transparent as a writer if I’m hiding behind a facade instead of authentically sharing. I want readers to be assured there will be no pretense going forward. Using my real name helps me to be a more authentic writer

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    Great post! You have such a positive vibe that I love reading!

    1. Valerie

      Aw, thank you so much, Kim. ❤️

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    This is a great post. Honestly, I tried to ‘tone down’ my true personality with a previous blog and I discovered the same thing. When I started Alternatively Speaking, embracing that aspect of who I am, it all started to just feel more natural. In return, I have attracted readers that share many of the same interests, allowing us to connect over the things that I’m most passionate about.

    1. Valerie

      That is great! I feel much the same way; I feel a lot more authentic about writing and connecting in general now. Plus it is much easier to simply write how you feel without trying to censor. ❤️

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    Great post and so helpful for those who will start a new blog.

    1. Valerie

      Thank you, April. Glad you stopped by. ❤️

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