Surprising Benefits of Homeschooling

When you first considered homeschooling, you may have approached the idea from an academic standpoint: How will I teach them? What materials will we use? How will we structure our days? However, most homeschoolers eventually learn the many “surprising” benefits of homeschooling.

We began our homeschool journey back in 2011 when Agent E would have been starting kindergarten. At the time it was mainly a practical consideration: We wanted to do more traveling that year {our last months living in Italy} than the school found acceptable for “unexcused absences.”

I assumed it would be a one-year gig and she would start first grade the following year when we moved. Little did we know at the time it would turn into a lifestyle for our entire family. 

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Following are just some of the surprising benefits of homeschooling we discovered after we had been at it for a while and found our groove.

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20 Surprising Benefits of Homeschooling {You May Not Have Considered}

1. Relaxed mornings {no morning rush out the door or school drop off}

2. Relaxed afternoons {no worries about being back out the door at a particular time for school pick up}

3. Weather forecasts no longer faze us {rainy day or impending snowstorm? simply adjust plans as needed}

4. Making our own calendar {without regard to school breaks}

5. Traveling during the off-season {Disney World in October, anyone?}

6. School work take surprisingly little time {in the younger grades especially}

7. More time for reading {literally hundreds of books logged each year}

8. Go to bed when tired and get up when rested {no alarm clocks; everyone can find their own rhythms}

9. Illness no longer consumes us {not having to choose between dragging the sick one out or having a healthy one miss school}

10. Extra opportunities for sibling bonding {they still make each other crazy sometimes}

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11. Kids can be kids {more time to play or simply do nothing}

12. No homework stress {for kids or parents}

13. Spending more time with parents {for us this means we can work around Hubby’s often crazy schedule}

14. Learning alongside your kids {this part is more fun than I anticipated}

15. Getting to re-read All The Books {hello, books}

16. Lots of extra outside time {in the middle of the day if we want}

17. Lesson planning is fun {if you’re a geek who likes that sort of thing}

18. No summer slide loss of skills {when you homeschool year round}

19. No worries about how to keep the kids occupied during school breaks {just business as usual around here}

20. Time to follow any rabbit holes we want when it comes to learning {we do this a lot}

What other surprising benefits of homeschooling have you discovered?

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