Tomorrow will be one month since I launched my WordPress blog {after years on a different platform}. This is my 15th post, so not bad as far as adding new content, I guess. 

However, I still feel I have missed opportunities for writing more, simply because by the time I got around to sitting down to type, the ideas escaped my brain. It is amazing how many perfectly formed sentences enter my mind while I am cooking dinner or getting the mail. Oddly, I never have brainstorms while showering or right before I fall asleep.

In honor of my one-month anniversary, I almost did a thing. I came very close to switching to a self-hosted site and changing my domain name. But in the end I could not justify the cost, especially with having very little traffic right now and no concrete plans to monetize. Not that I am leaving that option completely off the table. Maybe someday, but for now it just seemed like too much hassle for my technologically inept self.

Plus, then I would be compelled to up my marketing game, and I pretty much suck at self-promotion. So, yeah, there’s that. 

Instead I am going to focus on creating new posts, and spending time on my social media sites. I also joined a few Facebook groups for blogging tips and advice, and so far they have been helpful. I really want to enjoy the writing process this time around, instead of feeling like I’m not doing enough.

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