Loop Scheduling For Your Homeschool

Our ninth year of homeschooling begins Monday, and for the first time we will follow a loop schedule. Why we have never done this in the past I cannot comprehend, because it makes so much sense for us and the way we plan things. 

Here are the basics of how it will work:

We divide our studies into the usual subjects and put them in a list. Then together we choose {from our ever-growing Want To Read list on Goodreads} a book—in a few cases two—for each topic. Day one we start with the first book on the list. Then we move on to book two, three, or whatever we have time for. Day two we simply pick up where we left off and continue. When we make it through everything once, we simply start over at the beginning.

As we finish, we simply add new books in. Some shorter reads will rotate quickly; others we may be working through a few pages or a chapter at a time for most of the year. The best part is, unlike when we assigned subjects to certain days, we will never go too long without getting back to a particular topic. Regardless of how our weekly schedule plays out—maybe we end up with lots of appointments on Tuesdays, or gone a disproportionate number of Fridays—it will still balance out.

Pile of books stacked vertically on the edge of a table.

We will follow a similar loop with written assignments. While I did ask each Agent to choose something from each subject {i.e., at least one math workbook, one language arts, one Spanish, one geography, etc.}, they put them in whatever order they want and then rotate accordingly. 

Our school year will begin with the following subjects in our loop: math, language arts, Spanish {an online program, but still part of the regular cycle}, geography, American history, world history, science, health, mythology, religion, and art.  For more details check out our Homeschool Plans for 2019-2020.

How do you organize your homeschool year?

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