How To Spring Clean Your Blog

Do you spring clean at your house? Do you enjoy the feeling of having a neat, decluttered living space? It is time to do the same for your writing. Let’s talk about how to spring clean your blog.

I have organized this post into four main tasks: review posts, promote yourself, update your look, and read your own writing. You may want to approach these categories in a different order, but all are critical if you want to spring clean your blog.

{Note: While you are at it, you may also want to go ahead and organize your digital life in general.}

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Review Every Single Post

I can understand how this might not sound like a realistic goal if you have hundreds of posts. When I started this process, I had been blogging for about 10 months and had written about 70 posts. This took me nearly a month of working a little bit each day. If you have been blogging for years you may want to start with a smaller chunk, say the last six months. 

Do you spring clean at your house? Do you enjoy the feeling of having a neat, decluttered living space? It is time to do the same for your writing. Let’s talk about how to spring clean your blog. Click To Tweet

You can review oldest to newest, newest to oldest, by category, by tag, or some other method. If it helps, print out a list of all your posts so you have something to physically check off. I love a nice list so this was my preferred system.

{To do this in WordPress, simply go to your dashboard and click on posts, then all posts. You can even choose screen options {top right corner} and include specific columns so you can easily see, for instance, the tags, meta descriptions, and keyphrases already in place.} 

Honestly, a few posts from the very beginning I did not do much with. I consider them to be my “getting in my blogging groove” posts, and while I intend to keep them I know they aren’t going to bring in traffic. 

I also did not add in keywords for some of my secular homeschooling updates. They are time-sensitive and unlikely to rank, and were mostly for connection with my regular readers. Plus I didn’t want a dozen or more posts with “secular homeschooling update” or something similar as the keyphrase.

Here’s how I did it. I opened up every single post in edit view. I used the following checklist to review key points:

  • clear title with keywords {minimal changes here and kept URLs same}
  • concise, informative excerpt {often the first paragraph, but not always}
  • focus keyphrase set
  • meta description {appropriate length and containing keywords}
  • Pinterest-friendly photo {with alt description}
  • second Pinterest-friendly photo {unless a very short post}
  • internal link{s} to related posts
  • external link{s} if appropriate 
  • confirm affiliate disclosure added {if needed}
  • all affiliate links set to nofollow
  • click to tweet added {twice for longer posts}
  • easy way to follow social media shared {re-usable block with links}
  • e-mail subscription box added
  • post share buttons at the top and bottom {not floating; *shudder*}
  • review Yoast readability score {aim for green}
  • review Yoast SEO score {aim for green}

Promote Yourself Every Day 

I admit, self-promotion is the most difficult part of writing/blogging for me personally. I hate talking about myself, and I hate asking people for favors even more. However, I know that no one will ever read what I am writing if they can’t find it. 

Connections within your niche and relationships with fellow bloggers most definitely impact your own blog. Engaging with your own blog’s “fans” is super important as well. People naturally like to feel they “know” the bloggers they follow online.

When you spring clean your blog, consider how the changes made will positively influence your marketing strategy and engagement.

I realize some of this is addressed in step one, but it is so important it needs to be broken down further.

You need to regularly put yourself out there on social media. Create new pins for old posts. Tweet your own blog posts. Share your posts on Facebook. Add an Instagram photo of your latest post and include a link in your bio. 

When updating older posts, take a look at your photos. Does every post have at least one image in the recommended 2:3 ratio for pinning? If you have a rather long post, have you broken it up with an additional photo or two?

Can readers share your posts easily? As a regular reader {and sharer} of blogs, there is nothing more frustrating than reading a post and having to hunt down a way to share it on social media. Or clicking on what I think is a share button but being taken to the blogger’s main Pinterest or Twitter page or whatever.

For the love of all things, make it super simple for readers to share your work. You can even ask, nicely. “Like what you’re reading? Please share.”

Another option to encourage social shares is to include an easy way to directly tweet a brief snippet of your post. {I use the Click To Tweet plugin.}

Equally important is letting your readers get to know the person behind the words. When someone comments, reply. If someone shares, thank them. Ask questions of your readers on all platforms that get a conversation started.

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Update Your Website’s Look

You might decide to really go wild here and completely change your theme; I did not. There is still much you can do to freshen up the look of your page. Consider fonts, colors, spacing, and more. 

Add a few new photos. Update your tagline. Go through all your homepage links {contact form, social media icons, etc.} and verify everything works.

Do you have a simple introduction that shares what your blog is about? Include a separate about this blog page to let readers know right away why your website is worth their time. {As I am typing this I am mentally noting I am due to update my own.} 

How do you utilize your sidebar? There is so much potential for information here. In addition to a photo and brief introduction, I love to see a list of recent posts and/or blog topics, a way to follow on social media, and an e-mail signup form.

Consider whether including ads is a good investment. Is the revenue you generate worth the additional clutter? Or is it interfering with the reader experience? 

{For me personally, lots of random ads turns me off. I know why people use them. I get the desire to make passive income. Yet, when I click on what sounds like an interesting read and am bombarded with banners and Amazon pictures throughout for literally everything even remotely related to the post, I feel . . . manipulated? I don’t think that’s the right word, but I definitely have feels about it.}

Do you have a simple introduction that shares what your blog is about? Include a separate about this blog page to let readers know right away why your website is worth their time. Click To Tweet

Don’t forget to check all your plugins—make sure you absolutely need all of them and double-check the settings to ensure they are doing exactly what you want them to do. Right now I have 15 active plugins. I am truthfully not sure if that is a lot or a few, but I like the functionality of each and haven’t had any major issues.

Read Your Own Blog

This last tip is really simple but one many folks may not have thought of. You need to read {and re-read} your own writing if you want to improve it.

Be a dork and subscribe to your own blog. This is an easy way to keep an eye on any potential issues with your subscription service. You want to see exactly what your readers see.

Pull your blog up on your phone and scroll through your recent posts. You will find mistakes. You will find typos—sometimes on very old posts! This will horrify you at first, then you will be relieved that you can easily fix them.

Have you ever decided to spring clean your blog? How did it go? Any additional tips you wish to share?

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  1. Avatar

    This is a really great idea, it’s a perfect way to refresh content and keep yourself relevant. I’m totally going to do this!

    1. Valerie

      Thank you, Hannah. Best of luck to you as you begin the process. It can be overwhelming, but it is worth it. Thanks for stopping by. ❤️

  2. Avatar
    Amy Larson

    Thank you for posting this! I used the bullet point lists for my own website to-do list!!

    1. Valerie

      I just love a good bullet point list, LOL! Thank you for visiting, Amy. ❤️

  3. Avatar

    This is such a great idea! I am fairly new to blogging, but will definitely be using these tips!

    1. Valerie

      I hope they help, Dewanna. Thank you so much for stopping by. ❤️

  4. Avatar

    These are great tips for spring cleaning your blog, I love that checklist you have. This is something I’m working on with updating old posts and boy, is it a chore!

    1. Valerie

      It is a lot of work. Honestly if I had been farther along with this blog and had a lot more posts, it would have been harder to find the motivation. I’m glad I started when I did. And checklists are my life, LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by today, Rebecca. ❤️

  5. Avatar

    What an excellent idea!!! I never thought of this! I am going to start and set aside 30mins to an hour daily to get the ball going.

    1. Valerie

      Have a plan and stick to it. Depending on how many posts you have, it can take quite a while. It can be hard to stay motivated at the beginning when you still have so far to go, but I found that once I got into it I actually *wanted* to work on it every day so I could check things off my list! ❤️

  6. Avatar

    I’m actually in the middle of spring cleaning my blog right now. My posts for March are all scheduled so it’s giving me the time to do that, and in improving quality and SEO I’m starting to see some views on old posts. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Valerie

      That’s great that you already have posts ready to go for the month. I did not do that in advance, and I only ended up posting three times in February while I was doing my own clean-out. ❤️

  7. Avatar

    This is such a great idea! I have been working on this recently, but I never thought of it as a Spring cleaning! It’s amazing what you can find after taking some time away from a post and reviewing it again!

    1. Valerie

      Yes, there were several posts I felt “meh” about but then once I actually re-read them and jazzed them up a bit I realized they had more potential than I thought. Of course the flip side of that is opening up a post you feel super proud of and great about and then finding a major typo. 😬❤️

  8. Avatar
    Amanda Kerr

    I love this read! I couldn’t agree more. It feels so nice to clean it up and add some new pictures. Great feeling!

    1. Valerie

      It is a lot of work but the end result does feel pretty good. ❤️

  9. Avatar

    My blog is about 9 months old and it’s getting to a point where you’ve learnt enough to know something needs to change lol! But where to find the time!? #bloggerlife

    1. Valerie

      I had mine up for about the same amount of time when I started, and it seemed overwhelming at first but once I got into it and feel into a groove it was fine. It’s a long game for sure.

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