How To Be a Nice Human

In our current {American} culture—where me-first attitudes and thinly veiled racism and sanctioned bullying have become commonplace—I frequently ponder how I can better prepare the Agents to be forces for good as they grow up. Here are some things I want them to know about how to be a nice human.

Line drawing of three human figures inside a heart shape. Text reads: How to be a nice human, a few points to consider.
  • Privilege is a thing. If you don’t understand it, learn. If you have it {spoiler alert: you do} acknowledge it. Then use it to help someone who doesn’t. 
  • You can care about more than one issue, problem, or group at a time. Compassion does not limit you to a dichotomy of caring about this at the expense of that. 
  • People always take precedence over symbols, rituals, or traditions. You can still respect the symbols, rituals, or traditions, but people always come first.
You can care about more than one issue, problem, or group at a time. Compassion does not limit you to a dichotomy of caring about this at the expense of that.  Click To Tweet
  • No one aspect of your personality defines you. Or anyone else. So don’t judge someone by the one thing you know about them.
  • If you think someone else deserves less than what you have because  . . . reasons . . . you might want to evaluate those reasons.

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    Jacquie Hale

    We all need to be reminded of these points from time to time. Our lapses may be unintentional with leading busy lives, but there’s no excuse not to reset the balance from time to time. Thanks for the reminder x

    1. Valerie

      Thank you for your kind words, Jacquie. I’m glad you stopped by. ❤️

  2. Avatar

    This is an awesome post. I totally agree with all of the above, but you put it such a clear and succinct way. I especially love: people take precedence over symbols, rituals, and traditions. So important. Thanks for this post.

    1. Valerie

      Thank you for stopping by, Carolyn. I am glad you enjoyed the post. ❤️

  3. Avatar

    Thank you for pointing out privilege. We can’t all help our privilege but we can do is be conscious of it and make sure that we don’t perpetuate the unequal cycles that have allowed it to happen. I love this.

    1. Valerie

      Being conscious of it is key. I think it is hard for a lot of folks to acknowledge.

  4. Avatar

    Valerie, I love this!!! Each point is something that society as a whole needs to hear and practice! Thank you for this post!!!

    1. Valerie

      You are very welcome, Sharon. Thank you for stopping by. ❤️

  5. Avatar

    Great points! We need to review these and ask ourselves how we’re contributing to our community. I often think we expect a lot from our children and forget that we are their role models. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Valerie

      Yes, they are certainly watching everything all the time. And listening, even when we think they aren’t.

  6. Avatar

    Yes to all of that! The one thing I have become more aware of recently is the privilege I grew up with and currently have. So many people won’t acknowledge it.

    1. Valerie

      I think some folks have trouble acknowledging they are privileged because they think it means “wealthy” or “without difficulties” instead of what it actually means. I say that as someone who took a long time to acknowledge it as well.

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