How Do You Clean a House?

When I first lived alone {not until my late twenties} my tiny apartment usually looked rather frightful. I hated to clean and had way too much stuff. I seriously had no idea how maintain a living space.

Over the years my dedication to keeping a tidy space {and my standards for what that means} have evolved. I certainly didn’t put forth much effort when the Agents were tiny. {The phrase survival mode got tossed around a lot.} Now they have become more self-sufficient, however, and I can make housework more of a priority. I find that I truly enjoy a neat, decluttered home. It sparks joy.

Stack of three colorful sponges sit to the left of a yellow spray bottle.

Over the years I’ve had many schedules: 

  • everything all at once
  • one day each for upstairs and downstairs
  • by room type {kitchen Monday, bathrooms Tuesday}
  • by task type {dusting Wednesday, moping Saturday} 
  • literally nothing until I’m disgusted, then everything all at once

Lately though I have settled into a pattern where I do the “invisible” one day, and the more conspicuous the next. 

For example, one day I just concentrate on things like putting clutter back in its rightful home, finishing laundry, and doing dishes. I also address areas you don’t really notice—like the fridge shelves or the inside of the microwave. And wash sheets/towels that will just get put right back where they came from. Basics that need to be done but are not super obvious at first glance.

Then the next day I make the house shiny and smell lemony or whatnot. This second day would include bathrooms, dusting, wiping down the kitchen, and mopping. All made easier because of the previous day’s success. 

Do you have a plan for when/how you clean your house? How has it changed over time?

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