Homeschooling Update {Week 8}

How often do you go to the library, and how many books do you typically have out at any given time? 

We went to the library yesterday {we normally do not go on Saturdays, but we had errands to run near a branch we do not get to often} and came home with 48 books. Combined with the ones we already had out, that brings our total to 114.

I have found that we prefer to go just once a month or so and check out more items each time. We tried getting into a routine where we visited the library once a week and took out fewer books, but the Agents like this method better. 

Sharpened colored pencils in order from light to dark form a semi-circle. Text reads: Homeschooling update week eight.

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In the area where we live, we actually have access to four separate library systems, three of which have multiple branches. We have been sticking primarily with just two—because it is too confusing otherwise—but now apparently we are back up to three. They each have their own shelf on a separate bookshelf in the dining room.

Of course, only two of those books are mine. I find it difficult to go through books anywhere near as quickly as the Agents do. My current reads are Beyond Religion by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Enough As She Is by Rachel Simmons.

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