Homeschooling Update {Week 2}

We completed our second week of the 2019-2020 school year, and we may already be making some changes. Not surprising, as we are always tweaking what works and generally have no qualms about letting go of what doesn’t. 

Sharpened colored pencils in order from light to dark form a semi-circle. Text reads: Homeschooling update week two.

As we continue to make our way through the loop schedule we created, some books just aren’t sparking joy the way we thought they would. I find myself wanting to skim and summarize when reading out loud. The Agents do not seem as engaged with them. I just generally feel they might not be the best choice, and plan to consider other options.

Of course, this is why as a general rule we do not purchase books until we have a “trial run” by checking them out of the library for a few weeks first. We tend to only buy books we truly believe we will want to read again and/or quality reference texts that we intend to use in years to come. Even for my own collection, I need to make sure it is something worth reading more than once before I consider owning it. Over the years I have found a couple of publishers and a few specific authors that we enjoy for fiction and trust to be evidence-based for non-fiction. But even that is no guarantee.

We did not skip school time this week for the Independence Day holiday We did not really have specific plans and were home anyway. It probably didn’t amount to a full day, but that’s okay when you are on a year-round calendar; it all balances out. 

For some reason we have not been able to get on a “summer schedule” this year. Usually once the days become longer and warmer we tend to spend more time outside after dinner, which leads to a later bath time and bed time. This results in everyone sleeping in a bit and starting our days later. Seems that everyone remains content with wrapping up our evenings early and getting out of bed earlier in the mornings. Which is fine by me, as I am more of a morning person anyway.

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