Homeschooling Update {Week 10}

So Long, Charter Option

We have decided not to continue with the Agents’ charter school this year. Last year we enrolled in a charter for the first time, and while the experience was okay, it really wasn’t worth the oversight and paperwork IMO. 

Honestly the only reason we stuck with it all year is because the Agents really loved their in-person drop-off classes, and they have eliminated those for the coming school year. So, we are back to submitting the forms on our own.

{If you are curious about what homeschooling is like in California, the California Homeschool Network is a wealth of information.}

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Parenting Weirdness

A few weeks ago I shared a parenting dilemma in our weekly homeschooling update. The short version: When do you decide it’s okay to leave your kids home alone? 

Well, I am happy to report that after fretting over this we actually had to do it one day this week and everyone lived to tell about it. It still just seems so bizarre to me, though, that Hubby and I both left the house and all three kids were just there—hanging out, surviving without us. Parents of older kiddos: Tell me this gets less weird.

Foreign Language Fun

Do you or any of your kids use Duolingo? I have been doing the Spanish lessons for a few months, and this week I started Latin. Agent E also does Spanish, but her daily streak is much better than mine; she has been doing lessons every day for just over two years. 

I find it fun, and it encourages me to practice writing and listening, but I really need to improve my conversational skills. You would think this would not be too difficult given that we live ten miles from Mexico in a town filled with bilingual people {seriously; like everyone you meet} but alas, I don’t put in the effort I could.

Music Help

In other school-related news, we are a bit stuck on what to do for music. We find that a lot of the “music for kids” books tend to be too basic or cutesy, and the “history of music” books aimed at adults tend to be way overwhelming and detailed. 

Plus, you can only read about Bach and Beethoven so many times. We did enjoy Kathleen Krull’s Lives of the Musicians but we’ve already been through it twice.

So, if you have great ideas for middle school music I would love to hear your suggestions. I will add that one Agent {the oldest} does dabble in a few instruments, but the younger two are not interested just yet.

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