Homeschooling Update {Spring 2020}

We’ve reached the point where looking ahead to the next year homeschool year becomes way more interesting than pressing through with what we need to complete this year. Alas, we need to find the motivation to get to a good stopping point in all of our current studies, despite the pull of the new and shiny.

Things look much different now, however, than they did last year at this time. It can be difficult to plan when we do not yet know what we will be able to do in the coming months.

That said, we are very fortunate and privileged to have been minimally affected by this pandemic. We do not have financial worries and everyone in the family is healthy.

We have been spending lots of time outdoors {in our own backyard} and reading tons of books. The Agents have been making their way through many series on our own bookshelf, including some “younger” ones they haven’t revisited for a while. The Senior Agents both had birthdays recently, too, and so we added a few new titles to our collection as well.

{You can see what they have read recently here on our Goodreads page.}

Mostly it has been an inconvenience. For a house full of introverts—with one parent already used to staying home and three kids already in homeschooling mode—not much of our day-to-day life has changed.

We miss the library the most. And the zoo. And hanging out with homeschool friends. {Yes; even hard-core introverts miss socializing eventually.}

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Almost to the End: Closing Out the 2019-2020 Year

We will be wrapping up our current homeschool year in approximately seven weeks. The plan is to finish around the third week of June, take a brief “re-setting” break, and start the new homeschool year on or around 1 July.

This short amount of time between “grades” is pretty typical for us. We enjoy our year-round schedule and generally do not take much of a summer break anyway.

In addition to written work in math and language arts, we have a few books from our loop rotation left to complete.

We have worked our way down to the end-of-the-year hodge podge; now it is just a matter of which books we will have time to get through and which will need to be tacked on to the beginning of next year.

Planning Ahead: A New Configuration of Students

Of course, planning a new homeschool year is my happy place. I love looking at books, workbooks, curriculum, and documentaries—and then figuring out how it all fits together for each grade level.

Next year I will officially have one elementary student {Agent A, grade 4}, one middle schooler {Agent J, grade 7}, and one high school student {Agent E, grade 9}.

In spite of the age/grade differences, we will still do much of our schoolwork together, following the same basic plan. Generally our routine is to complete written work first and then do joint reading aloud.

Each student will have their own appropriate skill level math and language arts, as well as other potential written work. For example, my 4th grader might also be doing a geography workbook; my 9th grader will likely have a written Latin curriculum. But our basic reading loop schedule will use the same books for all three.

This means that for subjects like science, history, music, and health all three Agents will be studying the same topics. We always try to choose books that work with a wide age range. Teaching multiple grade levels together is quite do-able with a little creativity.

Usually I like to investigate any resources {books and workbooks} in person before we commit to purchasing them, but obviously heading to a library or bookstore to “research” is not possible this year. Because of this we will likely be starting the school year using some old favorites already on hand.

We do not have all the specifics worked out just yet, so that will likely be a separate planning post coming soon.

What do your homeschool days look like right now? Have you begun looking ahead to the next year homeschool year? I’d love to hear about what you are doing in the comments.

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