Homemade Play Doh Using Melted Crayons

The Agents and I went all crafty and made homemade play doh using melted crayons for color. 

Yellow play doh formed into a ball sits inside a clear plastic container. Text reads: Homemade play doh using melted crayons.

The Basics

The basic recipe {in addition to the crayons} is 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1/4 cup salt, 1 tablespoon oil. We doubled the recipe, and it made a sufficient amount for all three Agents.

{Yes, play doh is not just for littles. My teen and tween are playing as I type. I could not stop messing with it myself earlier.}

The Process

We melted the crayons in the oil first, then added the other ingredients all at once, stirring occasionally for 30 minutes. Once the mixture started to cool, we removed it and mixed with a bit more flour. Then we gently rolled it until reaching the correct consistency. 

We used the crock pot to melt the crayons, but honestly we have used the microwave in the past and it worked just the same. {And went much more quickly.} I suppose you could also use an old pot or skillet on the stovetop as well. 

Play doh is not just for littles. My teen and tween are playing as I type. I could not stop messing with it myself earlier. Click To Tweet

The Crayons

As far as how many crayons to include, we just guessed—maybe the equivalent of 15 crayons {?}. You can tell from the first picture below they were not even all exactly the same color {some were more orange or green than yellow}. We also tossed all the white ones in as well.

They had been combined with a bunch of other broken crayons in a plastic container, and most of the labels were off, so they were also kind of dirty. None of this mattered. 

Crayon pieces in various shades of yellow, white, and chartreuse sit inside a crockpot
Mostly melted crayons create a yellow liquid inside a crockpot
Slightly stiffened mixture of melted yellow crayons and flour sits inside a crockpot
Yellow play doh formed into a ball sits on a flour covered counter next to a stirring stick
Yellow play doh formed into balls and placed in the shape of Mickey Mouse sit on a table

All in all, making homemade play doh using melted crayons turned out to be a simple art time project. It was easy, fun, and used up some materials that otherwise would have gone to waste.

For another art idea using melted crayons, check out How To Make Your Own Oil Pastels.

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    Christy Jacob

    We make homemade playdough quite often, but I never knew you could make playdough with crayons! We always have lots of leftover crayons around here. Thanks!

    1. Avatar

      We have so many old crayons, I had to start doing something with them, LOL. 😂 Glad you stopped by. Have a great day.

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