This month marks four years since we started keeping track of our homeschool reading using Goodreads. Our current book count is just over 3100. 

This total includes everything we have read for the past four school years, as well as all of the Agents’ independent reading during that time. While each individual book can only be counted once, we have read some multiple times. There are also about a dozen flagged as duplicates, mostly because we read the same book in Spanish and Goodreads is not distinguishing between the two.

The number of books read each year has gradually increased. In June 2015 the girls were starting 2nd and 4th grade, and my youngest was still four and not yet reading independently. For the 2018-2019 school year, we recorded about 1000 books. Agent J’s independent reading accounted for 435 of them. Agents E and A read 272 and 223 books, respectively. Separate school subjects rounded out the rest. 

In the past I have usually not added a book to the appropriate shelf on our account until after we completed it. For instance, if we read a book about evolution, I would add it to “Read” and “Science” once we finished the whole book and put it on the library return pile. For the 2019-2020 school calendar, however, I plan to do things a bit differently.

Instead of waiting to see what we find at the library each time, I am starting with a prepared collection of titles. {Hence the lengthy Want To Read list.} Each subject has its own shelf labeled with the year {e.g., language arts 2019-2020}. Some favorites we read in past years have circled back to Want To Read because we intend to use them a second {or third} time. Many, however, are brand new to us.

We are still in the planning stages for this upcoming year, so I am continually adding {or moving, or deleting} books from these shelves as we figure things out. We have dozens of books on request at the library right now to take a better look at them before definitely deciding to keep them in our plan. 

Do you use Goodreads in your homeschool? Or for personal use? If not, how do you log books read? 

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