5 Realistic Blogging Goals for 2020

Did you set writing goals for the new year? Are you already overwhelmed by them? Maybe you need to step back and look at the big picture. Let’s talk about realistic blogging goals for 2020.

Lined paper with a black pen sits next to an open laptop and a cappuccino in a white mug with saucer. Text reads: Five realistic blogging goals for 2020.

Reclaim Your Time

Figure out the time of day you work best, and maximize your efforts during this period. Don’t waste energy trying to force yourself into a routine that makes you grouchy and irritable. 

Have a plan whenever you pull out your laptop or phone in the middle of the day. Don’t ever assume, oh I will just peek at my to do list and maybe pin a few things

Know going in what your goals are with that time, and make them as specific as possible: I will re-tweet four posts from bloggers I follow. I will create one new pin for a recent post. I will share a new book I am reading with my followers and ask a relevant question to encourage engagement. 

Figure out the time of day you work best, and maximize your efforts during this period. Don’t waste energy trying to force yourself into a routine that makes you grouchy and irritable. Click To Tweet

Evaluate Your Social Media Habits

Cull your social media blogging memberships down to a reasonable number. Aim to be more active with fewer groups. {Make this part of a commitment to declutter your digital life.}

Recognize that you will see more engagement on some platforms than others. Focus your energy where you feel you can do the most good and provide the most value. This can be difficult when you realize your favorite platform is not where your readers/fans are. Learn to be okay with that.

Also remember it is okay to use social media just for fun and connection. Not every post needs to be blog-oriented. 

Commit To Quality Writing

Face it, no one is going to care how snazzy your pins look or how catchy your blog titles are if they click through and find a poorly written post. 

It sounds cliché but it is true: Quality over quantity. 

Take time to edit your posts carefully. Don’t think that once you hit publish you are done. Become a reader of your own blog; try to see it through the eyes of someone just stumbling upon it for the first time. Evaluate older posts. Always strive to improve your style and clarity.

Woman with long dark hair sitting on a bed in front of open laptop, holding a white mug. Text reads: Blogging resolutions you can easily keep.

Spread the Love

Share and support the work of others in your niche {and beyond}. A good rule of thumb is 20% self-promotion, 80% promoting quality posts from fellow writers. That means for every personal share from your own blog/writing/social media you are sharing four others.

This may seem like a lot at first, but trust me it will become second nature to spend this much marketing energy on writing that is not your own. When you post/share add a meaningful comment or question as an introduction {i.e., don’t just hit RT or FB share without context}. 

Do One Thing That Is a Little Scary

Find something that you have been thinking about doing and just go for it. It may not be pretty at first, but that is okay and that is how we learn. 

For me personally, my “scary” thing for 2020 is going to be starting a newsletter to send out to subscribers. It is something I have never done and I know it will involve a lot of trial and error.

{On that note, I would love more subscribers so follow this link to sign up!}

Fellow writers, are you setting realistic blogging goals for 2020? What have you learned so far?

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  1. Avatar

    Good goals! I know blogging can be overwhelming sometimes, I definitely need to get more organized about my time! And the doing something that scares you is definitely a goal, I know videos are something I want to try at some point!! But it’s scary!

    1. Valerie

      I’m not sure I would ever be brave enough to do videos! 😬 Organizing my time better is definitely a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by. ♥️

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this. I definitely need to sit down and focus on these goals and get organized. I appreciate this little push

    1. Valerie

      Glad you found it motivating, Margaret. Thank you so much for stopping by. ♥️

  3. Avatar

    Great goals! Some of my goals are similar: write at least two quality blog posts a week, network/engage with other bloggers, prioritize my social media. My scary thing is that I am starting to send pitches to larger blogs and magazines for publication. I know it’s tough to get started and there will be a lot of rejected pitches, but I just need to persist!

    1. Valerie

      That sounds both exciting and scary! Best of luck to you, Kathryn. Thank you so much for visiting! ♥️

  4. Avatar
    Jen Towkaniuk

    Collaborating and helping other bloggers is so important to my blogging goals. Even though we blog from home, we need the community for both encouragement and traffic. My goal is to write 2 posts per week and create 6 pins at minimum. It’s going to be a stretch and a lot of work, but so worth it!

    1. Valerie

      Totally agree! I love all the new people I have “met” though this venture. I don’t really have a post per week goal; I probably should. Thank you so much for stopping by today. ❤️

  5. Avatar

    Valerie thanks for sharing. I need to work on some of these things for sure. I have unrealistic expectations for the limited time I have. I need to do as you said – share 4, create one new pin, etc. instead of feeling like I have to do 20 of everything!

    1. Valerie

      I think I need to make myself a list of tasks to keep me on target. It’s so easy to think “oh, I have plenty of time” and then get distracted. Thank you so much for visiting today, Kim. ❤️

    1. Valerie

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Ellen. ❤️

  6. Avatar
    Jenn Summers

    So many great tips, Valerie! It is great to break down your goals to find what you can do to make the big goal happen. Congratulations o starting a newsletter! You are going to rock it!

    1. Valerie

      Thanks, Jenn. I hope I can figure out what I am doing, ha! I plan to send it out at the end of the month. ❤️

  7. Avatar

    These are wonderful reminders for us bloggers. Thanks for your words.

    1. Valerie

      Thank you for visiting today, Shannon. Have a great weekend! ❤️

  8. Avatar

    Reclaiming my time is something I still struggle with, but it is my goal to improve my time management skills this year. I guess it’s imperative if I want to get more done as a blogger. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Valerie

      My main problem with time management is that I can get a lot of work done during the time of day I work best {early mornings} but when I try to accomplish something specific at a different time I day I end up feeling flustered and wasting time. I really need to get an afternoon or evening schedule firmed up. Thanks for stopping by, Corinne. ❤️

  9. Avatar

    Great goals, similar to mine

    You can do it

    1. Valerie

      Thanks! I hope once I get going it will be a smoother process than I think. 😉

  10. Avatar

    First of all, I love your picture with Sully! Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite movies. I’m not telling my age though! I love these blogging goals because they aren’t overwhelming and totally doable. Doing something scary really resonates because once you do something scares you, you’re pushing to the next level and good things will happen! Love the post!

    1. Valerie

      We love Monsters, Inc. around here! We have seen it like a bazillion times. 😂 Yes, I am hoping that is how my experience with trying something new will work out. All good things! Thanks so much for stopping by, Heather. ❤️

  11. Avatar
    Laurie Harmon

    Thank You. I really needed this. Here it is mid January and I know I want 2020 to be different and better but I am not sure what or how. You gave me some ideas of how to head in the right direction. Thank you.

    1. Valerie

      I think 2020 was hyped so much, now that we are halfway through January everyone is realizing they actually have to make good on their grandiose plans. The new year can bring a lot of {intentional or unintentional} pressure. I’m glad the post helped you to formulate a few ideas! ❤️

  12. Avatar

    These are great thoughts for 2020. I am currently really evaluating my social media and trying to see what actually works and what just takes my time without any positive outcome!

    1. Valerie

      Social media is hard. I want to follow so many interesting pages, and I also want to be supportive of fellow bloggers, but I know realistically I just can’t spread myself that thin. Thank you for stopping by today, Jody! ❤️

  13. Avatar

    Enjoyed your post. I definitely agree with quality over quantity. Posts that are just fluff definitely don’t get me hooked. Best wishes on your email newsletter. I’m just getting started with that as well. Some of my goals are to build my email list, send out a monthly newsletter to subscribers, and figuring out an opt in for my blogs.

    1. Valerie

      Yes, I have to remind myself when I feel like I haven’t posted in “forever” that it’s not just about getting anything out there; quality matters. I sent out my first monthly newsletter today! And I already found things I would change for next time, but I did it and that was big for me. Thanks for stopping by, Sabrina. ❤️

  14. Avatar

    Late to the party, but I loved these tips. I’m so on-again, off-again with my blogging that it’s borderline embarrassing. It’s that double-edged sword of “if I had more readers I would write more” and the other side of “no one reads your blog because you post once a quarter”. Perhaps my 2020 goal should be to simply get involved in a community. 10 months to go! 🙂

    1. Valerie

      Right now I’m wrestling with: do I spend time fixing up older posts and improving what I already have? or do I forget about it and just concentrate on new material? I want to do both, of course, but it’s time-consuming.

      If you are interested in trying some blogging Facebook groups, I recently limited myself down to two I interact with regularly that I find super helpful. I can send you the links if you like. ❤️

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